The most powerful and most complete Rubik's cube App(android)

Children: Play Magic Cube App, is the best for children to learn to play Rubik's cube tutorial
Adult leisure: adults can also play Rubik's cube in the leisure time

Play Magic Cube App lets you easily learn to restore a Rubik's cube and always play Rubik's cube on the mobile phone, this app can screen be independent of Magic Cube colors, to learn simple and clear!

Current version is mainly used for can not play Rubik's cube and Want to become a master of magic cube, is the teaching of basic play and senior play,
Of course the Rubik's cube master can also try the mobile version of the Rubik's cube, feel with the difference between real Rubik's cube,can recording speed, try to play mobile phone version of the Rubik's cube ,What is your speed?

Play Magic Cube App include
(1):online 3x3x3 Magic Cube and 2x2x2 Magic Cube
(2):3x3x3 Cube basic tutorial training and 2x2x2 Cube basic tutorial training
(The Seven-Step Guide to Solving a Rubik's cube)
(3):3x3x3 Cube speed tutorial algorithm and demo(CFOP)(in the full version)
(4):2x2x2 Cube speed tutorial algorithm and demo(method of faces first )(in the full version)
(5):Cube Timer
(6):3x3x3 Cube Simulator(in the full version)
(7):3x3x3 Cube Solving
(8):Symbol of Cube Help


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Magic Cube(simplified version,free) App:

Magic Cube(full version) App:

Download Magic Cube(simplified version,free) App: playcube.apk